Server Hosting Service

100% Production Platform Uptime Guarantee

Server Hosting Service

Enjoy fully managed dedicated servers in our SSAE 16/SAS 70 & HIPAA Compliant Data Center


Server Hosting Service

SunTek server hosting service offers custom dedicated servers, internet connection, network systems integration and all other features you require. Unlike shared hosting service, you lease an entire server and have full control over it in our dedicated hosting service. All essential equipment will be provided.

The service includes a dedicated server, operating system, private switch, managed firewall and backup storage. Servers are remotely manageable. And technical support from IDC is available as and when needed.

Running over 600 servers
(as of 2015) Stable and reliable infrastructures verified over
10+ years by customers
Stable service brought by genuine servers of credible providers such as HP, Dell, Super Micro

Network Environment

Service Feature


Exclusive Hosting Environments
We offer RPS (Redundant Power Supply), UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), thermo-hygrostat system and physical security to optimize your server environment.


Additional Services
You can include your choice of server management services such as backup and restoration, DNS management, website performance monitoring to implement your best-fit environment.


Fast and Reliable Internet Connection
We are located at an IXP (Internet Exchange Point) between the largest internet providers, and our server directly connected to backbone allows faster internet service and minimizes issues arising.


Immediate Technical Support
Our engineers monitor system 24/7 and provide immediate technical support when it’s needed.

You Want Our Hosting Service…

♦  If you want to save money on server construction/integration.
♦  If your website is in need of more detailed management and operation, not only provided web hosting services.
♦  If you require larger bandwidth to extend your service to include web hosting, search engine, or online broadcasting.
♦  If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business or expanding one you already have.
♦  If your app provides groupware or ERP.
♦  If you need network integration in US branch.

Benefits of Choosing SunTek Hosting Service

♦  Our data center allows you to have your best-fit server environment.
♦  We provide broadband connections in the United States.
♦  You will enjoy the benefits of server directly connected to the internet backbone such as faster internet service.
♦  We give you wider options of servers and provide services very competitive in quality and price.
♦   As customer service, we provide various services and solutions to solve the problems that rise in the future.
♦  Competitive prices, reliability in service, customer-oriented services

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Managed Colocation Service

World Class Data Center with Premium Bandwidth
Experienced Staff Live Monitoring
Fast, Reliable & Scalable

Service Stability

Maintain Continuous Power Input By Using
              UPS for 24/7/365
            Multiple of Fast Lines
     A/C System with Humidity Control


        Directly connect your server to multiple of high speed backbone
                  Network(Gbps) for overcoming the limitations of
                   private internet line.This service fits to company
                              that needs stable operation such
                                 as reliable power, A/C, and


Managed Co-location Service

Managed colocation service is a service which locates your server within SunTek’s IDC where equipment, bandwidth, management are provided. Our colocation facility provides stable power, thermo-hygrostat system, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment with a minimum cost and complexity. Your server will be directly connected to the internet backbone. And it allows faster internet service and minimizes issues arising. Your equipment will be under management of skilled engineers. SunTek’s 10+ years of experience shines the brightest in reliability and efficiency in service.

Advantage of Co-location                      Server Transfer Processing


Multiple connections of high-speed internet add
more speed and stability. Stable power.thermo
-hygrostat system.


Easily able to expand bandwidth and space


Tri-lock security system allows only authorized personnel’s access.


Using SunTek’s data center facility leads to
overall cost-reduction

the number of
the scale of
The bandwidth
And space
Server Migration DNS / FTP /
Map drive
Cabinet/Cage &
Line opening
Managed Co-location
Service Diagram
Managed Co-location
Service Unit
Kind of Service Service Detail Reference
Rack Secured Rack 1/4 Rack 19' X 90 cm X 220 cm
1/2 Rack
Full Rack
Cage Small Cage 4 Rack 3m X 3m
Medium Cage 5 Rack 3m X 3.6m
Large Cage 8 Rack 3m X 5m

Data Center Location

1st Data Center

725 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90010

2nd Data Center

600 7th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90010

3rd Data Center

4100 Smith School Road.

Austin, TX 78744

4th Data Center

111 8th Avenue

New York, NY 11215


Cloud Service

A cloud service is a service made available to users on demand via the Internet from
a cloud computing provider's servers. Cloud service is designed to provide easy,
scalable access to applications, resources and services. A cloud service can dynamically
scale to meet the needs of its users, and because the service provider supplies
the hardware and software necessary for the service, there’s no need for a company
to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service.
These features let users have less cost and more efficiency to use servers.
Cloud service is more suitable for frequent changes and quick adjustment, compared
to hosting service.

Cloud Component


Cloud Service Feature

Cloud Management Service


Only minimal expense on anticipating traffic is necessary. Expand and Adjust accordingly later.

Tri-redundant Cloud System

Tri-redundant cloud system minimizes mechanical problems arising.

Quick Installation and
Short Deployment Time

Initial installation, restoration and environment setup require a short time.

Tri-redundant Internet Connection

Tri-redundant internet connections and automatic internet line switching system minimize internet connection problems arising.


Easily able to expand processors, memories, disks, connections as and when needed.

24/7 Technical Support

Our system engineer will be available 24/7.

Low Initial Cost

Only minimal starting expense is necessary. It’s pay as you go (monthly fee).

Disaster Recovery

Data recovery service is provided.(This is an optional service.)


Managed Service

SunTek’s system experts manage and monitor your server,
network and firewall. Our IT engineer team of 10+ years of experience will take good cares
of your server. You don't waste your time and money on acquiring
hardware and software, or training employees on new infrastructure monitoring tools.
Taking advantage of our managed monitoring service,
you can focus more on strategic initiatives and save money.


Managed Service Effect

Managed Service Feature

Focus on more core initiatives

You can leave your burden of managing infrastructures to SunTek and have efficiency coming from division of labor.

Operating Managed Monitoring Team

System engineers will be assigned and give you detailed management over your server.

State of the Art Technologies

Exploit state-of-the-art technologies we provide and stay updated with the latest ones in the fast-paced industry. This will lead you to business efficiency and higher profits.


Your assigned system engineer will be monitoring your server every minute, and give immediate technical support as and when needed.

Avoid Extra Work on Human Resource

You are free from all additional work required to hire and manage employees to take care of infrastructures.

Backup/Recovery Service

Automatic backups with your choice of backup frequency allow data restoration when it’s needed.


Reduction in cost. Easier analysis on spending.


Monthly report and consulting is provided for your server performance.


You Want Our Managed Monitor Service…
♦  If you want a 24/7/365 service for your server.
♦  If you require system level outsourcing to focus on service improvement.
♦  If you want your service to stay in the lead in the latest IT trends.
♦  If you want low-cost, high-effective human resource management
Benefits of Managed Monitoring Service
Quick Troubleshooting and On-hands Customer Support.
  • First and leading in IDC industry in Korea, we are experienced.
  • Monitored 24/7.
  • Systematic and organized customer services include monthly report and analysis on your server performance
Exclusive Operation/Management Service
  • With our own IMS, extremely cost-effective operation and management system is possible.
  • Agile system operated by experts in our team.
Types and Features of Managed Monitoring Service
BASIC System
Ping Check (Real-time)
Process Down Check (Real-time)
Visual Inspection (Once a week)
Basic Customer Services Monitoring
Weekly visual inspection of equpiment
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LEVEL 1 System
Event Log Monitoring
CPU/ Memory/Swap Monitoring
Port/Alive Monitoring
NIC Traffic Monitoring
Customer Network Monitoring
Traffic Monitoring
User Application Monitoring
System S/W Application Monitoring
DBMS Application Monitoring
URL Monitoring
Monitoring system without login
Relatively low price Easy to outsource
Contact Us
LEVEL 2 Including Level 1
Troubleshooting/System analysis
Adjustment management/performance
Management/storage management/etc.
Customer Request Service
Managing/controlling system with login
Stable and Systematic operation is available
Quick troubleshooting
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Oracle DBA
Managing Instance
Create DataBase
Kernel Parameter Tuning/Reporting
Professional System DBA
Rapid DBMS troubleshooting & management
Rapid DBMS troubleshooting & management
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Provides equipment replacement, troubleshooting, diagnosis, regular maintenance.
Supports stable and reliable operation of various IT systems such as H/W platform, DB, commercial S/W, and application..
Monitors system 24/7/365.
Cooperative help desk officers and engineers


You Want Our Maintenance Service…
If you suffer from extra work created by separate maintenance services from many companies.
If you spend more than $5,000 a year and want to save money on maintenance.
If you require systematic maintenance and quick troubleshooting
Benefits of Maintenance Service
Immediate troubleshooting and customer support
  • Reduce burdens of managing multiple contracts for maintenance
  • Manage your system with an organized and efficient one-step system.
Exclusive operation/management service
  • 24/7/365 maintenance service available
  • Quick troubleshooting and solving by experts
Types and Features of Maintenance Service
Types Service Description Frequency
Service Time 24/365 on-site-service -
Scheduled Maintenance Monthly scheduled maintenance & report Once a month
Troubleshooting H/W parts & equipment replacement (secondary troubleshooting) Trouble caused by H/W
Troubleshoot in 4 hours during business hours -
Troubleshoot in 6 hours during non-business hours -
Keep spare parts in stock -
Technical Information Sharing the latest technology Often
Provide updates & upgrade -
System 24/7/365 operating Help Desk -
System monitored by resident engineers (Ping, Port, URL) -
Receiving & notifying simple problems Once trouble arises
Support system analysis & optimization As required


Maintenance/integration Process
01 Customer support
  • 24/365 monitoring engineers
  • Receiving problem(s), emergency contact
  • Physical Security
03 Technical supports
  • Provide system analysis/optimization
  • Manage the quality of service
  • Technical management
02 System engineer
  • Troubleshoot H/W problems
  • Scheduled maintenance & report
  • Share new technologies
  • Keep spare parts in stock